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Status Report AvalonMeta 07-DEC-02

Over the past couple of months work has focussed on the assembly, meta and Merlin packages as part of the transition out of Excalibur and into the avalon-sandbox project. The transition involved a number of changes to the meta package that are listed below:

#incorporation of support for the concepts and direction established in the "context discussions" (Leo's process) #simplification of the meta XML descriptors (derived from context discussions)

The update introduces a couple of changes:

These have updates to the xinfo and xprofile resource. The xinfo resource now supports a simpler and cleaner definition of dependencies and service declarations.

    Instead of: 

       <dependency>           <role>rolename</role>           <reference type="foo.bar.Xxx" version="1.1"/>         </dependency> 

    You can use the simplified form: 

       <dependency type="foo.bar.Xxx:1.1" role="rolename"/> 

This should be backward compatible (for a while). The xprofile resource that contains profile templates under the <profiles> tag use to contain profiles declares under a <component> tag - this has been changed from <component> to <profile>.


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