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We've pretty much come to the conclusion that it will be a better idea to stop developing tweety as a "real" software project, and instead make it an integrat part of the avalon docs.

Avalon Tweety

Tweety is a barebones container that loads one component, and whatever it depends on, and lets you use it. Its purpose is largely for education, but we may use it as the starting point for Avalon 5 containers.

This is a scratchpad with some thoughts on where this is to go. Not using bugzilla cuz I hate it, not using a wiki cuz we don't have one.

- Many people are 'abusing' Tweety (poor little birdy) by basing some actual software or containers on it. Clearly it fills a simplificy need. Makes one wonder how to get the rest of avalon fill that need.

- people have suggested making Tweety into some kind of reference implementation. I don't think we should do that as it would make Tweety so complex the code becomes difficult to read, and it is also just about impossible as there is no definition of what a container should and should not do and hence you cannot make a reference implementation either.

- the getting started docs aren't going the way they should. Instead of showing many concepts at one time, we should show them one at a time with a class per concept.

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