Caveats of the current Avalon documentation


The current (2004/01/12) documentation makes many references to projects which are either no longer being maintained or are have been phased out. The documentation *should* be changed, and we'll do that as soon as possible, but for now, here are the notes you should keep in mind when reading the docs.

Vikas Phonsa notes : I think if ECM has been deprecated then, all references to it in the "Developing with Avalon" tutorial should be removed. Cause that article is the first thing that absolute beginners look at and they starting thinking abt how things work in Excalibur. And soon they find out its deprecated. Then that article mentions Phoenix. So while you are thinking abt ECM and Phoenix, and trying to digest what IOC, components, services, containers, utilities, facilities and other things mean, boom, you are struck with Fortress and Merlin. I kinda got the idea that I should start up with ECM first and then I can move to Fortress and then learning Merlin would be be smooth.

I'll add more notes as they come up.

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