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 * [wiki:WhatIsAvalon What is Avalon?]
 * [wiki:WhereIsAvalon
Where do I find out more?]
 * [wiki:
AvalonGlossary What does ${insert-jargon-term-x} mean? (See the AvalonGlossary)]
 * [wiki:
AvalonForBeginners Where should I start?]
 * [wiki:
ContainerStory Which container should I use?]
 * [wiki:
WhatIfMyQuestionIsNotAnsweredHere What if my question isn't answered here?]
 * [[WhatIsAvalon|What is Avalon?]]
 * [[WhereIsAvalon|
Where do I find out more?]]
 * [[
AvalonGlossary|What does ${insert-jargon-term-x} mean? (See the AvalonGlossary)]]
 * [[
AvalonForBeginners|Where should I start?]]
 * [[
ContainerStory|Which container should I use?]]
 * [[
WhatIfMyQuestionIsNotAnsweredHere|What if my question isn't answered here?]]
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 * [wiki:ComponentVsService What's the difference between Component and Service?]  * [[ComponentVsService|What's the difference between Component and Service?]]
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 * [wiki:ThirdParty How do I use 3rd party services/jars/etc in my Avalon application?]  * [[ThirdParty|How do I use 3rd party services/jars/etc in my Avalon application?]]

Apache Avalon FAQ

Welcome to the Apache Avalon wiki-based FAQ. Here are some helpful suggestions for using it:

  • If you cannot find the specific answer you are looking for, try the wiki search
  • Feel free to add a new question to the FAQ at the bottom of the list. When it is answered, it may be re-categorized.
  • When in doubt, just email the users@avalon.apache.org mailing list

Note: this FAQ is still under heavy construction. Feel free to pitch in and help or direct your questions to the mailing lists.

General Information

General information about Apache Avalon.


How to contribute to Avalon and how the Avalon community works.

Avalon Concepts

Questions about the concepts, philosophies, and design patterns which form the foundation of Apache Avalon.

Avalon Website

Questions about Avalon's website and wiki resources.

Avalon Source Repository

Questions about Avalon's source repository (subversion).

Legacy Content

Questions about older Avalon products.

Installing Avalon Platform

Questions on installing the Avalon Platform

Building from Source. Using Avalon Magic

Questions about building Avalon from source and using Avalon Magic.

Running Avalon Merlin

Merlin container runtime questions.

Avalon Component Development

Questions on developing Avalon components.

Testing with Avalon

How to run unit tests with Avalon applications.

Avalon Application Assembly and Deployment

How to assemble and deploy Avalon based applications.

Avalon and other Technologies

About Avalon and other related technologies.

Avalon Migration

How to migrate older Avalon or non-Avalon apps to the new Avalon platform.

Miscellaneous Questions

New questions that have yet to be answered and/or categorized.

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