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 * [wiki:AvalonObjectBrokering Exporting Services -- Object Brokering Options in Avalon]
 * [wiki:AvalonDeployables Overview of Deployable Resources] (SAR & blocks vs EAR/WAR)
 * [[AvalonObjectBrokering|Exporting Services -- Object Brokering Options in Avalon]]
 * [[AvalonDeployables|Overview of Deployable Resources]] (SAR & blocks vs EAR/WAR)
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 * [wiki:SiteUpdateProcess How to Generate and Publish Avalon documentation]  * [[SiteUpdateProcess|How to Generate and Publish Avalon documentation]]

Avalon HOWTO Documentation

Welcome the the Avalon HOWTO section. HOWTO's are sort tutorials and explanations on how to accomplish a particular task or make use of a particular feature of Avalon.

Basic Component HOWTO's

Embedding Avalon Containers

Examples on embedding Avalon into various environments. All of the following use the SimpleComponentExample. All of these HOWTO's are aimed at answering the question, "How do I access Avalon components from non-Avalon components?"


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