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  * [wiki:TabledAvalonDiscussions Discussions tabled for now]
  * [wiki:AvalonNoLogging White Paper on the "No Logging" Strategy]
  * [[TabledAvalonDiscussions|Discussions tabled for now]]
  * [[AvalonNoLogging|White Paper on the "No Logging" Strategy]]

Random Thoughts

[RT] are Random Thoughts. They are tradition in the Avalon community. RTs are basically long and thought-provocing mails with new project propositions, that are discussed and scrutinized at length. One distinguishing characteristic about RTs is the complete and utter lack of consistency with respect to quality: some are pure crap, others are pure genius. Even the original author of a RT is not sure which category any given posting falls into at the time it is issued. These postings are no exception.

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