System Controls

There are two general use cases for control authors:

To support the second use case in the open source community, a sister site has been developed at ControlHaus. It is proposed here that the creation of some starter -- or "system" controls be created and developed there, and pulled in to the Beehive distribution.


It is important for Beehive to have some controls that simplify application development out of the box. The plan below will have two goals:

BEA Systems has several generally useful controls that were developed for the 8.1 Workshop product. They would like to donate and continue development of these controls in ControlHaus. The implementations will be container independent implementations. The list of these controls is:


By placing the development of system controls in ControlHaus we can grow the control authoring community, and "seed" ControlHaus with something real and useful. We may want to pull development on the system controls into Beehive at a later date.

The other goal mentioned above is to add some common useful controls to the distribution. The 4 controls listed above will go a long ways towards that goal. The proposal is that they are developed in separate ControlHaus projects and built from source as part of the beehive build.

They will be built into the Beehive distribution like so:

      jdbc-control.jar (built from [ ControlHaus] source)
      web-service-control.jar (built from [ ControlHaus] source)
      jms-control.jar (built from [ ControlHaus] source)
      ejb-control.jar (built from [ ControlHaus] source)

Open Issues

* How will the ControlPacks be versioned and certified?

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