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Each system control has its own test suite. Currently only the JDBC system control's DRTs are run as part of the entire Beehive test suite. The system controls test root is system-controls/test

The EJB and JMS system controls require that Geronimo 1.0 or later be downloaded and installed. Once installed it is necessary to set GERONIMO_HOME and CACTUS_HOME environment variables. The ant scripts for these system control tests assume that the Geronimo default admin user/password are present, if they have been changed it will be necessary to update the beehive/ant/geronimo-imports.xml file to include their current values.

The JDBC System Control Test Suite

The JDBC control tests are run as part of the Beehive DRTs. They can also be run manually with 'ant drt' from the beehive/system-controls directory. The test suite uses the Apache Derby database but doesn't require any steps to setup the database instance.

The EJB System Control Test Suite

The EJB system control includes two sets of DRTs. The first set is used to test the EJB control assembler and does not have any external dependencies. The second set of tests require that Apache Geronimo 1.0 or later and Jakarta Cactus are installed. These tests create some simple EJBs and test the EJB control against them. To run these tests use 'ant run cactus.tests' from the system-controls/test/ejb directory.

The JMS System Control Test Suite

The JMS system control tests require that Apache Geronimo 1.0 or later and Jakarta Cactus have been downloaded and installed. These tests configure a JMS queue and topic for testing the JMS control. To run these tests use 'ant cactus.tests' from the system-controls/test/jms directory.

The Web Service System Control Test Suite

This is a pretty extenisive test suite, it is currently not run with Beehive DRTs because the Web Service system control is still a work in progress and not currently included as part of a beehive distribution. These tests may be run with 'ant drt' in the system-controls/test/webservice directory. The test suite is broken into two categories: web service control generation tests and tests against a live web service.

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