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 * ["Beehive and Ant 1.7"]


Editing this wiki

This is the [wiki:ApacheGeneral:FrontPage Apache Wiki] for [http://beehive.apache.org Beehive]. You will not be able to edit pages until you login. Please visit UserPreferences at the top-right of any page to create a user profile or to login. Notification of changes to this page will be sent to the Beehive commits mailing list BR

Welcome to the Beehive Wiki

Beehive is an ease-of-use oriented J2EE application development framework. It has a 3 major components:

  • ["Controls"]
  • ["NetUI"]
  • ["Web Services"]

Useful links:


  • ["For Beehive Developers"]
  • ["Distribution Structure"]
  • ["Beehive and Ant 1.7"]

Conferences / articles:


  • [wiki:WishList Feature Wish List]

  • ["Planning"]
  • [wiki:DocTracking Documentation Tasks]

  • [wiki:Design Design Docs]

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