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We'd love to have your help

Are you interested in becoming involved with Beehive and aren't sure how to get started? Submit a patch, contribute a test, help us find bugs in the product. Use jira to catalog all the changes requested.

It especially helps us if we know when a bug is actually confirmed as "complete" or "fixed". But you need special user rights in Jira to let us know this by closing a bug. There are two paths you can follow to get these privileges in Jira for the Beehive team.

Path #1: Contribute your work to the Beehive Project

  • Step 1 --> Contribute something that is checked in by a committer: a test, a patch, a feature, etc.

Path #2: Play Whack-a-Mole in the Beehive codebase

  • Step 1 --> Show your love of Beehive by filing oodles of bugs.

And the paths converge...

  • Step 2 --> Email beehive-dev requesting super-hero jira privileges and mention the number of bugs you've filed and the area you've concentrated on or your patch/test/feature/spec contribution to Beehive.

  • Step 3 --> Informally, some committer will recognize your effort by saying "Yes. John Doe helped me out immensely."

  • Step 4 --> Beehive's jira admin will add you to the proper group and let you know when you're good to go!

Either way, we'd love to see people using the product and helping us make it the best it can be.

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