Provide an implementation of WSM. It can be RI for JSR 181. My point: how about developing both RI and TCK for JSR 181 in an open manner within Beehive? It can help Beehive WSM developers to be more effectively test-driven.


Web-services-platform-neutral design. For the purpose, Beehive WSM APIs are invented so that any web services platforms such as Axis and BEA WebLogic can make use of Beehive WSM seamlessly.

Code bases

  1. JSR 181 API (mostly annotation types) from JSR-181 official site
    • NB: Cliff, please check out if we can import them to Beehive SVN and update them without any (legal) conflict. If not, we can make a clean-room implementation for that.
  2. WSM for Axis from ws-axis/contrib


  1. JSR 181 standard annnotation types
  2. Beehive WSM API
  3. An implementation of (b) for Axis Java2WSDL tool (J2SE-targeted)
  4. An implementation of (b) for Axis JWS support (J2EE-Web-container-targeted)
  5. An implementation of (b) for Geronimo (J2EE-JSR-109-targeted)
  6. Test cases (including TCK)

Directory Structure

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