This page contains an enumeration of NetUI features planned for various Beehive releases.

Version 1.0 Features



Core Page Flow Features

URL Rewriter

Rework the URLRewriter API

Shared Flow

Finish the Shared Flow implementation

Inheritable Page Flows

Support for creating page flow base classes

Popup Windows

Support for running nested page flows in pop up windows

Double Post Support

Support for preventing double posting of pages

Tomcat Server Adaptor

Need to fully implement the Server Adaptor for Tomcat to support security

Transaction Actions

Add annotation to support transactions on actions

Page Flow Callbacks

Abstraction to allow callbacks from controls to page flows

Struts 1.2 Support

Need to add support for struts 1.2

Update to Validator 1.1

Need to update the validator to v1.1 form v1.0

Tiles Support

Add support for Tiles

OA&M Support

Abstract an interface allowing collection and monitoring of page flows

JSF Support

Additional JSF Features such as nesting, forms, and navigate-to



Finish fully compliant support for XHTML 1.0 Transitional, HTML 4.01 Loose and HTML 4.01 Loose in Quirks mode.

Tree Tag

Finish Remaining features for the Tree Tag. These include partial client expansion and state management over form posts

Area Tag

Need to add support for the HTML area tag

Group Tag Cleanup

Need to finish and cleanup the Radio Button Group, Check Box Group and Select

Nested Templates

Need to support nested templates

Script Container

Fix support for scoping names into a Script Container

Grid Features

Filter Window

Create the filter window

Grid Extensibility

Support Edit within the Grid


Implement the sort/filter service

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