NetBeans 4.1 Web Project using NetUI

This page describes the steps necessary to use netui-blank webapp as a base for a Web Project in NetBeans 4.1. These steps are based upon the 1.0 release of Beehive and the documentation provided for that release. Currently, this points to the nightly documentation. These steps also assume that Tomcat(either bundled with NetBeans or an external server) is the target Servlet container

[NOTE: Once we do the 1.0 release, we need to point the links to the official 1.0 documentation.]

Creating the NetBeans Web Project

  1. First off, you have to setup your environment followind "this" document.

  2. Copy netui-blank into your working directory.
  3. Open NetBeans and create a new Free-Form web project (File->New Project->Web Application with Existing Ant Script).

  4. On the next screen, chose the location of you netui-blank inside your working directory.
  5. After clicking "Next" button, there is going to be a screen where you can map ant targets. Make sure "Deploy Project" is empty. As for build and clean, the IDE has correctly mapped them.
  6. Click "Next" and "Next" again and you get to a screen named "Source Package Folders". The IDE has picked "web", now you have to add "src" as well.
  7. Click "Finish". Now you have to setup the jar dependencies:
  8. Edit and point it to your Beehive installation directory.
  9. Run deploy-beehive target from inside de IDE.

  10. Go to your "Project Properties" and in "Java Sources Classpath" uncheck "Separate Classpath...", add all jar files that are in build/WEB-INF/lib relative to your netui-blank directory.
  11. In order to deploy your webapp to your Tomcat server, add the following to your project's build.xml:

[NOTE: Don't forget to set values for server port, user and password]

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