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V1 Alpha Release

Apache Beehive is striving to produce an alpha release of our V1 by Apache Conference 2004.


  • Goals
    • Practice the release process so we can begin to work out the kinks
    • Binary distribution available
    • Demoable for conference sessions
    • Enough supporting materials (sample applications, feature samples, documentation, tutorials, etc.) to generate interest in Beehive, begin to build a more active user community and get useful feedback on the current feature set.
  • Non-goals
    • Feature complete
    • APIs locked
    • Beta-quality
    • Guarantee of backwards compat
    • User guide is part of the distribution (docs will be on project site for alpha)

Timing Guideline for Rampdown

10/27/2004 -- Branch

10/29/2004 -- Review doc, sample and tutorial materials for completeness, functionality and accuracy.

10/31/2004 -- Known dev and docs/samples/tutorials work that is included in the distribution complete. Checkin test pass. Additional test suites have been run along the way. Folks doing sessions & demos at Apachecon believe the code base is in good shape. Egregious "can't ship without" bugs on alpha quality have been filed.

11/1/2004 -- Fix any last minute items.

11/2/2004 -- Choose changelist as distribution and begin final test passes

11/8/2004 (latest) -- Call official vote on V1 alpha release (choose a revision number as a candidate for the alpha distribution)

11/10/2004 EOD -- Close vote

11/11/2004 -- Tally votes, send results, roll and sign distribution, send announcement emails to Apache lists

Punchlist of Work

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