The following is a list of issues known to exist in the Beehive 1.0m1 binary distribution (Still UNRESOLVED). Some of these issues are related to code supporting the distribution, such as test infrastructure, but they are not broken out separately here. For more information on these issues, please access the Beehive JIRA repository, which can be found here

Key and Summary
query strings not being restored when using nested page flows.
Faults are not handled in Service control
Missing compile error when annotating a shared flow as "longLived"
web service control leaks two input streams when creating a service control
WSM leaks InputStreams at build time
ScopedRequestImpl.restoreAttributes() should not point the ScopedAttributeContainer at the Session's stored attribute HashMap instance
"navigateTo" current page does not work with tiles
controls annotation processing doesn't recognize on super classes
selected tree item getting set after the selectionAction is run
503 error when @Jpf.Catch forwards to an error page with a compile error in it
Major badness when moving between page flows in the same request, with multiple concurrent requests
need to separate wsm build time jar from run time
methods with same name in JWS cause NPE during WSDL gen
Invalid error when 'redirect' is used with 'action' on @Jpf.Forward
A url template ref without a key element causes an NPE in URLTemplatesFactory.
service control generation produces ".jcx" files instead of ".java"
minor non-conformance of exceptions to JSR-181 / JAX-RPC 1.1
Page partially rendered if error occurs in included page
Service Contorl needs to be aware of the elementFormDefault attribute in registeing types.
RPC/Literal in Header is not working in Service Control
WSM Javadocs
Generated source from control files shows warnings inside of eclipse
Tomcat PageflowValve does not check for security-constraints defined in web.xml
URLs in response from XmlHttpRequestServlet for XHTML doc contain '&' char
Document Literal Wrapped webservice missing methods in wsdl
Document Literal Wrapped webservice wsdl fails to compile
WebParamRpcLiteralSample's wsdl is not valid
ControlContainerContext is not ensured on JWS with programmatic control usage
Multiple popup scripts generated when multiple popup config exist in one page
Need docs on <netui-data:xxx> tags
Need docs on <netui:tree> and related tags
Struts validator support for the msg and args' bundle attribute is not working

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