Beehive Metadata for Web Services

The purpose of JSR-181 "Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform" is to simplify the authoring and deployment of Java Web Services. Beehive's "Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform" subproject (WSM) provides an implementation for JSR-181 as part of Apache’s Beehive open source effort.

After a quick summary of driving forces, this paper proposes requirements (based on JSR-181), phases in which they could be rolled out and a high-level overview over how the implementation could be approached. All considerations are based on JSR-175, JSR-181 and the terminology defined therein unless stated otherwise.


Feature / specification proposals should be posted here for discussion. Documents that are substantially developed will be moved into svn and made available from the project web site.


Open Issues

Issues not yet addressed in this proposal:



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