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The components integrating the Jsr181ObjectModel with AXIS are as follows:

AxisHook.java - can create an org.apache.axis.description.ServiceDesc from the object model's metadata. This ServiceDesc is used within AXIS to set up a running service as well as to generate WSDD and WSDL documents.

DropInDeploymentHandler.java - examines the annotations in a source file using APT or compiled JWS Class via reflection if a source file is not available. These annotations are then used to configure a web service for use within the AXIS stack.

DeploymentDumper.java - a command-line tool for generating a deployment descriptor based on annotations present in the web service source code. Since the current focus is on the JWS drop-in deployment model, this class may not be functioning properly as the AxisHook evolves.

AXIS imports

The AXIS jars checked into beehive/wsm/lib were created from a CVS checkout on September 8, 2004. When axis 1.2 is released, the official released libraries might be a better option.

AXIS webapp

A sample webapp is provided that should be ready to just drop into your favorite servlet container. When the beehive WSM is built, the webapp appears in the build/dist directory. The included index.html will point the user to a the Foo.jws service to demonstrate the behavior of the DropInDeploymentHandler. Scripts to run the DeploymentDumper are in the AnnotationBasedDeployment directory. These scripts will generated an annotated-server-config.wsdd which can be renamed to server-config.wsdd to add two additional web services and show the other mode of annotation support.

Oustanding Issues

The two methods of integration with AXIS outlined above are most definitely works in progress. Anyone with a solid understanding of the inner workings of AXIS is cordially invited to comment on, criticize, fix or rearchitect these first drafts. At the moment, the DropInDeploymentHandler/JWS solution is pretty much functioning as a JSR-181 implementation, but the DeploymentDumper/WSDD approach has fallen behind since the focus is currently on JWS.

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