Cassandra Administration Tools

Cassandra ships built in command-line tools for accessing and administering Cassandra: cqlsh and nodetool.

This page is to define third party graphical tools.


OpsCenter is a tool for management and monitoring of a Cassandra cluster. The Community Edition of OpsCenter is free for anyone to download and use. There is also an Enterprise Edition of OpsCenter that includes additional features.



Helenos is a web based GUI tool that helps you to explore data and manage schema.


SPM for Cassandra performance monitoring, alerting, and anomaly detection monitors all Cassandra metrics, as well as a number of OS and JVM metrics. It supports custom dashboards, subscription emails, chart embedding, filtering by server, node, etc. In addition to monitoring Cassandra, SPM can monitor Solr, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm, ZooKeeper, Elasticsearch, Java webapps and generic Java applications, and a number of other types of applications, as well as custom metrics.

Less active projects


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