Tools & Services

SPM for Cassandra

SPM for Cassandra performance monitoring, alerting, and anomaly detection monitors all Cassandra metrics, as well as a number of OS and JVM metrics. It supports custom dashboards, custom metrics, subscription emails, chart embedding, filtering by server, node, etc. In addition to monitoring Cassandra, SPM can monitor Solr, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm, ZooKeeper, !Elasticsearch, Java webapps and generic Java applications, and a number of other types of applications, as well as custom metrics.

Satellite Volta

Satellite Volta is a R&D project whose aim is to create and share a set of tools and libraries to support open source activities in the field of Big Data. First releases consist of free tools and libraries meeting the needs of the community, in order to simplify the installation, configuration, monitoring and development of the applications based on Cassandra. Satellite Volta firmly believes in innovation: enterprises and developers can join the community contributing to Open Source projects, or simply sending suggestions and comments. Up to now, this is the list of published tools and libraries:

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