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Case Study 1: Delicious clone

Our first case study is an example of how one would structure the schema for a Delicious clone. We'll also provide some examples of 'insert'ing and 'get'ing data.

Here's our schema:

<Keyspace Name="DeliciousClone">
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Users"/>
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Bookmarks"/>
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Tags"/>
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="UserTags"/>
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" CompareSubcolumnsWith="TimeUUIDType" ColumnType="Super" Name="UserBookmarks"/>

Case Study 2: Twitter clone

Our schema:

<Keyspace Name="TwitterClone">
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Users" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="UserAudits" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" CompareSubcolumnsWith="TimeUUIDType" ColumnType="Super" Name="UserRelationships" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Usernames" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="Statuses" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" Name="StatusAudits" />
  <ColumnFamily CompareWith="UTF8Type" CompareSubcolumnsWith="TimeUUIDType" ColumnType="Super" Name="StatusRelationships" />

Taken from Evan Weaver's Ruby Cassandra client: http://github.com/fauna/cassandra/

More to come


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