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Cassandra Users

Please give company/organization name, description of use case, and potentially a link to a blog post or press release for more information
  • Despegar - Despegar uses a Cassandra cluster to storage user sessions of its hotel booking site, and also as a persistent cache of flight itineraries.

  • Digg - The recent V4 relaunch is 100% Cassandra. We are running on multiple clusters internally, our largest one is 40 nodes spanning multiple datacenters. We also have 1 core commiter on staff.

  • Facebook - Facebook uses their internally developed Cassandra and has the largest known cluster in operation of around 150 nodes. See the Cassandra paper and recent mention of their cluster

  • Imagini - We use Cassandra to store all real-time data for our ad targeting technology (VisualDNA). We run a Cassandra cluster on Amazon EC2 nodes across multiple availability zones. We also use Hadoop for batch processing, integrated with Cassandra.

  • Ooyala - Ooyala uses Cassandra as the backing store for a near-realtime video analytics platform, which allows publishers to analyze and optimize the performance of their online video content. (See the press release.)

  • Rackspace - Rackspace uses Cassandra for a variety of internal needs. Several Rackspace employees are also core committers and contributors on the project.

  • reddit - Using Cassandra as a persistent cache and in the process of migrating other data-types from Postgres into Cassandra

  • SimpleGeo - We use Cassandra as our core datastore for providing location-based services and products. We run Cassandra in multiple availability zones within Amazon EC2. Some code can be found at http://github.com/simplegeo

  • Twitter - "We're using Cassandra in production for a bunch of things at Twitter." For details see this blog post from July, 2010.

  • Shazam - Shazam uses a small Cassandra cluster to power their recommendations system.

  • SoftwareProjects - Software Projects uses 20 Cassandra nodes across 3 datacenters to power the eCommerce platform for 3,000 businesses. We use Cassandra to store real-time purchase data and provide various stats for our customers. Cassandra is our primary data store.

  • eBay - eBay has Cassandra supporting multiple applications with rings spanning several data centers.

  • additional users may be found at Cassandra Users on DataStax.com


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