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These channels are found on the Freenode network.


General purpose discussion channel.

  1. You don't need to ask if you can ask a question, just ask.
  2. After asking a question, be patient. It's always possible that no one else knows the answer.
  3. Before asking questions, be sure to search the mailing lists (user, devel) and wiki.

  4. Once you've got an answer, considering updating the wiki to help out those that follow.


Discussion related to the development of Cassandra.

  1. Keep it on-topic (Cassandra development).
  2. Don't answer an off-topic question, that's off-topic too.
  3. Off-topic discussions might result in a stern talking-to, and harsh looks.
  4. Where stern talking-tos and harsh looks end, kicks and bans begin!


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