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(The IntelliJ Eclipse plugin must be enabled.)

IDEA is now open source! The free community edition at http://www.jetbrains.org is all you need for Cassandra development. (You don't need J2EE or Web tools.)

To quickly import Cassandra into IntelliJ and start coding simply:

  1. Run "ant generate-eclipse-files"
  2. File -> Import Project

(The IntelliJ Eclipse plugin must be enabled.)

If you want IDEA to handle more of the environment for you, keep reading.

Setup Cassandra as a Project

Prerequisites: JDK6 (Cassandra 1.2) or JDK7 (Cassandra 2.0+), Apache Ant (http://ant.apache.org/) and Git (http://git-scm.com/) are required to get Cassandra running in IDEA.

  1. Clone Cassandra from apache's Git repository.

    for trunk branch (JDK7 required)

     git clone git://git.apache.org/cassandra.git
    for cassandra-1.2 branch
     git clone –b cassandra-1.2 git://git.apache.org/cassandra.git 
  2. Once git has finished cloning the repository, generate the eclipse files using ant.
     ant generate-eclipse-files
  3. Start IDEA
  4. Click Import Project.

  5. Navigate to the newly cloned cassandra directory and click OK.

    1_Import Casandra.png

  6. Select Import project from external model, pick Eclipse then click OK.

    2_Import as Eclipse project.png

  7. Select Next

    3_Select Project Directory.png

  8. Select cassandra and click Finish. You now have a successfully imported Cassandra project.

    5_Import Completed.png

Building & Testing Cassandra via Ant

To build Cassandra we need to import ant's build file, aka build.xml.

  1. Select the Ant Build tab from IDEA (right hand side in the screen shot below).

  2. Select the + (Add).

  3. Navigate to Cassandra's root directory (based on the tutorial this would be ~/workspace/cassandra/) and select build.xml.

  4. Click OK. The different ant targets will now be available for execution.

    Adding Ant Config.png

    Building / Testing Cassandra via Ant
    Once the ant build file is added to IDEA you can compile cassandra via the build target. The unit tests are located under the test target.
    To run a target select it and then click idea_run.png.

    10_Successful Build.png

Create a RUN configuration

  1. Select Run > Edit Configurations... and click the + (Add New Configuration).

  2. Populate the config with the following:

     Main class: org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon
     VM options: -Dcassandra-foreground=yes -Dcassandra.config=@@@ -ea -Xmx1G
     Note -Dcassandra.config you want to replace @@@ with the full path to your cassandra.yaml config file (located in <cassandra_dir>/conf/cassandra.yaml)
     eg: file:////Users/user/workspace/cassandra/conf/cassandra.yaml
  3. Click OK.

    Run Configuration.png

Verify Cassandra is running via IDEA

  • If everything is configured correctly, when you run Cassandra (via idea_run.png or Run > Run...) logs should appear in the IDEA console.

    Cassandra Logs via IDEA.png

    Once cassandra is started, you can also check it's up and running by connecting to it via cqlsh

     $ ./cqlsh 
     Connected to Test Cluster at localhost:9160.
     [cqlsh 3.1.8 | Cassandra 1.2.11-SNAPSHOT | CQL spec 3.0.0 | Thrift protocol 19.36.1]
     Use HELP for help.


Dont forget to update IntelliJ to use JDK7 or later for Cassandra versions greater than Cassandra 1.2

  • 7_JDK and Language Level Change.png


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