Thomas Boose

Email: <thomas AT boose DOT nl>

Hi, I'm contributing to this wiki as part of a assignment by my university. The asignment is to develop, design, build and implement a messaging system's database backend for realtime, location based content provided by schools, company's and individuals aimed at intrestgroups.

We have chosen Cassandra for storage and now our task is to convert a relational model into Cassandra ColumnFamily's. Therefore I'd like to create a page describing how to implement specific EERD modeling parts to Cassandra. I've read that not everybody supports this idea but I'd like to try it anyway.

I offer an implementation of the DBMS layer I proposed in the previous article for download. read more about this ThomasBoose/dbms implementation

Comments and sugestions are alway's welcome. Language improvements are appreciated as my native tonque is not english.

More info on me on LinkedIn:

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