A DBMS layer for cassandra with a test script.




This is an implementation of the DBMS layer I wrote about in:

ThomasBoose/EERD model components to Cassandra Column family's

The objective is to create a layer between a python application and a cassandra database that will handle the most trivial DBMS rules. I implemented this by introducing two system columnfamilys "deleted" and "dbms". The dbms columnfamily stores datatypes, foreignkey (reference), reverse lookups (reverse) and required field definitions. The "deleted" columnfamily stores key values of columnfamilys that are deleted. Single values are deleted by placing a tombstone in front of the value. Using this dbms layer is simple. instead of creating a pycassa ColumnFamily object and using the insert, get, get_range and remove, you call the generic functions: dbms.insert, dbms.get, dbms.get_range and dbms.remove. You need to include the name of the columnfamily as first parameter so: instead of:

you state:


To test this dbms.py script follow these steps:

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