A page to describe in how far Clerrezza complias with W3C LDP best practices for a read-write Linked Data architecture.

Looking at the various requirements ("Yes" means that Clerrezza satisfies all should and must level requirementst)


Yes. All resources in Clerezza can directly be dereferenced in all supported RDF formats with the excepion of binary resources where the RDF description can be got at alternative URI. The reason for this is that system should behave consistently when an RDF and a non RDF file is uploaded so this are treated non-LDPR resources.


There's currently no support for the same resource to be retrieved from multiple URIs.

Yes. Clerezza uses mostly existing vocabularies like FOAF and SIOC for permissions.

Uh? What's the difference to 4.1.5?


Partially. Resources generated by Clerezza conform to the requirement but its possible to insert arbitrary data.

The description of any named resource in the content graph is served if a get request for that resource is sent against the clerezza instance and the URI is not handled by a dedicated Jax-RS resource and the resource if not of a type for which a Typehandler is registered. When addin triples to the content graph there's no mechanism enforcing that all named resources have an RDF type statement.

Partially. Triples generated by Clerezza should conform to the requirement but its possible to insert arbitrary data.

As arbitrary triples can be uploaded there's no mechanism enforcing meaningfull dereferenceability of the type statements.

Partially. With the exception of the WebId module [verify] literals generated by Clerezza conform to the requirement but its possible to insert arbitrary data.

[REC!] This requirements seems to imply that the properties have a preferred direction, which contradict http://dig.csail.mit.edu/breadcrumbs/node/72. Clerezza does not currently enforce a link it is possible to add to the contentgraph a triple with a subject IRI not otherwise used and a literal object. The resources generated by clerezza do have at least a type statement, would this qualify as link?







Yes. (For the limited code where clerezza acts as client)

Partially. DbPedia client makes no assumption on persistence but Resource providers doesn't update.

[SPEC: This should probably say LPDR instead of resource in the first sentence]. No. Clerezza will treat any entity body of a PUT request as a binary resource, that will be stored encoded in a literal of the content graph so that subsequent get request will return the same entity body as in the put request.


Yes. For thelimited number of Clerezza modules that act as client.


N/A. A client that could use this principle is the javascript Discobit editor, it does not currently use PUT (but a revoke/assert via post)

[SPEC: should probably be LDPR instead of Resource]

Yes, Clerezza poses no restriction at all, arbitrary triples can be added

No. DELETE is not supported


Yes but not very smart (same processing as for GET.


Not implemented


[SPEC: wondering that section 5 is non normative, despite the many MUST and SHOULD statements]

Sections 5.3-5.9 are normative.

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