New Cocoon 2.2 Documentation

After a lot of talks in the last months about a new Cocoon documentation it's time to start working on it. I (ReinhardPoetz) propose to create the new documentation from the scratch (--> empty doc base) and decide for every existing document whether it goes into the new documentation or not.

This requires a new infrastructure (see the proposal CocoonDocumentationSystemSUMMARY, and 22NewDocumentsGeneration) and actual work on the content.

This also means that we need a lot of help to get this going:

Note: The table below is the main co-ordination table. See also other documentation review efforts, including: Review of sitemap component documentation and Cocoon215TOC and CocoonDocsPlan and DocsReorgProposal and Proposed TOC and ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul

How can you help?

Reviewing the existing docs

The old docs should soon be moved to the "legacy" tab of the new docs (see 22NewDocumentsGeneration) to make this reviewing process easier. This is explained at

Reviewing the existing WIKI docs

People reviewing the wiki docs, please use the below table if you want to propose them as part of the official documentation.


Note: The /userdocs/$sitemapComponent/* are being addressed by Review of sitemap component documentation.



Author/Reviewer name

proposed position in official repo



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