My name is Antonio Gallardo from Managua, Nicaragua.

I started to using Cocoon in August 2002. I am developing web Applications using Linux, Tomcat, PostgreSQL and Cocoon.

I believe Cocoon will become a great revolution in webapp development!

Currently, I am trying to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. For the Controller, the candidate is Flow, for the Model the idea is to interact with ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) using Java Data Objects (JDO). The View will the implemented using Woody.

June 2005

Mentoring XUL based user interface for Cocoon forms project of the GoogleSummerOfCode2005

Octuber 2003

16-Octuber: Druid now is able to generate Apache OJB repository.xml and *.jdo files! I also included an build.xml file to create a jar archive with the generated JDO Beans.

The initial idea using the MVC design paradigm with Cocoon is viable. Currently I am working more with Flow, Woody and trying to get on feets the new OJB block using JDO. Stay tuned!

September 2003

16 Sept-2003 - I become Cocoon and Forrest committer!

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