I'm Argyn. I live in Vienna, VA, USA with my family.

You can say that I'm a fan of Cocoon. I won't tell you where I work now, because it doesn't matter: I'm a consultant. I could be in some other place in no time.

I promote open-source software wherever I can. Currently, I'm advocating its use in e-government projects, check this out.

My current expertise is all sorts of server-side stuff:

During a decade in software developement, I've done some other things like client-server, "number-crunching" and lab instruments management.

If you want me to do something for you, write me an e-mail mailto:jawabean@yahoo.com. I have that dream to work in Europe for few weeks as a consultant. I've been there many times, and like it so much! So, if you have anything to offer, don't hesitate to write me, please.

Everyone has a blog these days, I have a Blog of my own too.

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