Creating a simple Webapplication (tutorial)

- TARGET-AUDIENCE: *beginner* advanced expert
- COCOON-RELEASES: 2.0.3, 2.0.4
- DOCUMENT-STATUS: *draft* reviewed released

NOTE: Im currently working on this tutorial. Please don't use.

What you will get from this page

You will learn, how to create a simple cocoon based webapplication. We will show you some of the base concepts of cocoon and how you can get cocoon to do significant work for you. This approach has been tested with Tomcat-4.1.16 and Cocoon-2.0.4. It should also work for other servlet containers and newer versions of Cocoon. Please note, that some functionality is either broken or not available, if you use earlier versions of cocoon and tomcat as mentioned above!

Your basic skills

I assume, you

If you don't have access to cocoon, please consider installing cocoon right on your computer. It is very simple the installation process is described briefly in BeginnerInstallation.

Technical prerequisites

In order to work with this tutorial you need

The tutorial outline

This tutorial shows you one possible approach how you can organize your webaplication development with Cocoon. This is not meant to be the only possible approach. Nor is it meant to be complete. It only covers the very basic concepts. Nevertheless you may learn how cocoon can work for you.

Sometimes we will introduce an approach like a cookbook. But we will explain, why we did it like this and possibly also consider alternate solutions.

Please report your sugggestions back in order to improve this tutorial.

basic assumptions

We will assume in the remainder of this tutorial:

Of course you have to use your particular settings for host and port. Please keep this in mind when working on the examples.

You may now proceed to the BeginnerSWTutorial_01 ...

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