How to use the SVN version?

Checkout http(s):// Make sure, that when you call the ant script, the property and blockbuilder.root is available. The easiest way is adding a file with the name "" to the root directory of the block.

The content of could look like this:

# ---- BlockBuilder -------------------------------------------------------------


Then you can call one of the Ant tasks and compile the project (e.g. ant compile).

Directory structure

In order to explain what I have done, let's take a look at the file system:

 |    |
 |    +--authentication-fw
 |        |
 |        +--trunk
 |        |   +--descriptor.xml
 |        |   +--build.xml
 |        |   +--legal [DIR]
 |        |   +--src
 |        |   |   +--java
 |        |   |       +--public
 |        |   |       +--private
 |        |   +--samples
 |        |    
 |        +--branches
 |    +--build.xml
 |    +--src
 |    |   +--java
 |    |       +--core
 |    |       +--public
 |    |       +--private
 |    +--samples
 |    +--lib
 |        +--core
 |        +--endorsed
 |        +--blocks

Build system and Ant tasks

The build system is based on the descriptor. It uses its information to resolve all dependencies. Technically, the Ant script is generated via XSTL. This way, it can be reused in all blocks via Ant import statements. If necessary, for a block a certain build target can be overriden locally

<project default="compile" name="Build autentication-fw block">

    <property file=""/>
        <available file="${blockbuilder.root}" property="available.blockbuilder.root"/>
    <fail unless="available.blockbuilder.root" 
        message="Property blockbuilder.root has to be set!"/>
        <xslt in="descriptor.xml" 
        <import file="build/temp/build-by-xslt.xml"/>

To make it run, the property blockbuilder.root has to be set.

Each block has its (e.g. for the authentication-fw block):

# ---- Paths -------------------------------------------------------------------


# ---- References --------------------------------------------------------------

What's done so far?

Open issues

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