(note - this won't happen in bugzilla as we'll be moving the issues to jira and will do the cleanup there, more or less as described below - stay tuned!).

Did you get a mail from Cocoon's bugzilla?

If you got a mail saying IMPORTANT - please review your Cocoon bugzilla issues then read on.

What's happening?

We need your help! Issues have been piling up in bugzilla (see http://tinyurl.com/9nxs2) and we'd like to have all of them reviewed to help us concentrate on the ones that need our attention.

Some of these issues are quite old, others are more recent and we'd like to have all of them reviewed by their original authors.

What can you do?

The mail that you received includes a link to the corresponding buzgilla page, this is what you want to use to act as follows:

In both cases, a short comment/justification is appreciated to help us process these issues in an efficient way.

Why are we doing this?

This is an efficient community oriented way of sorting and prioritizing our issues, to focus on the important ones and don't waste time on those which are not valid anymore.

See also

Bugzilla comment to send

This is what people will get when we start the process by setting issues to LATER.

IMPORTANT - please review your Cocoon bugzilla issues before October 31st !

The Cocoon team is currently reviewing *all* open issues in our bugzilla system and we need your help!

You have received this message because you either reported a bugzilla issue about Cocoon, or your address is in the CC field in an issue, or the issue is assigned to you.

In either case, if you consider the issue or patch to still be valid, please follow the instructions at http://wiki.apache.org/cocoon/BugzillaIssuesCleanup.

Issues for which we don't get a reply to this request will be set to the minimum priority - we won't forget about them but they will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Many thanks for your help!
The Cocoon team. 

BUGZILLA_CLEANUP_2005_10 (a marker might help in finding issues that were part of this action later on).

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