Built-in XSP Logicsheets

Cocoon provides a number of built-in XSP Logicsheets that are defined in the cocoon.xconf. They can be found from the build directory, for example: cocoon-2.1.10\build\cocoon\blocks\xsp\dest\org\apache\cocoon\components\language\markup\xsp\java.

The majority of these Logicsheet are provided to allow interactions with the XSPEnvironment using custom tags, avoiding the need to write code.



XSP Actions

Used to create XSP Actions executed using ServerPagesAction

XSP Capture


XSP Cookie

Cookie manipulation tags


Database interactions

XSP Form Validator

Allow validation of forms

XSP Input

Access to Cocoon input system


Control the flow layer


Access to Cocoon logging system

XSP Request

Allows interaction with the HTTP request being processed by this XSP page

XSP Response

Provides access to the response object, specifically URL encoding and HTTP Header manipulation

XSP Send Mail

Allow send emails

XSP Session

Session manipulation tags


Equivalent of the Session Context Transformer

SOAP logicsheet

Send SOAP messages from an XSP page


XSP utilities, inclusions from file/URL, output XML as XML instead of encoding, etc


XML manipulation inside an XSP page

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