This section is solely dedicated to new Cocoon users. The content herein is written by many people with different knowledge. In order to keep the content correct and appropriate, we have encouraged the Cocoon developers to keep an eye or two on this section and help with clarification where needed.

Setup a Cocoon environment

Configuring Cocoon

First moves in Cocoon development

A (commercial) book on Cocoon

Sorry this is a commercial link but if you happen to have an o'reilly safari subscription and are trying to learn Cocoon, go grab this book now : "Cocoon: Building XML Applications" By Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler. It's really well done, I just spent my Saturday reading it and trying things and I'm ready to roll with cocoon. And BTW, Cocoon blew my mind ;) I'm supposed not to be working but can't stop playing with it. Thanks to all the persons involved.

Tutorials for beginners

Acronyms and Abbreviations Cocoon Mailing Lists

You may take a look at the Proposal that led to developing this section of the wiki.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to these pages. The philosophy of the wiki approach encourages you, dear reader, just to hit the "edit this page" button and fill in your enhancements directly. In order to keep this section in a "standard shape", I have setup a BeginnerPageTemplate that can be used as starting point for new pages. Dabbous

That page template looks suspiciously like structured data...

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