Welcome to the Boston Cocoon & Lenya User Group


We now have our very own Apache Cocoon meetup group. Check our meetup page for details about upcoming events.

We invite anyone interested in Apache-based development, content management, or application architecture to join us for an evening of informal discussion of Apache Cocoon technology and developer experiences. Our next meeting of the will be held on 11 May 2005 at:

A link to an online map is provided below.

This meeting will be both a social event and to plan for the upcoming "progressive lab" series of meetings. Fire and Ice is a fun Harvard Square eatery where you can assemble the ingredients for your entree, and watch it being prepared in the restaurants open kitchen.

Subsequently, our group will conduct a series of meetings that will focus on application development using Apache Cocoon. During each meeting, the group will design, build, and test a simple web-based application using Apache Cocoon and other tools. We will be looking for ideas, suggestions and volunteers to get the progressive lab started!

We will need to make a firm reservation by 10 May, so please RSVP to: brad.kain@quoininc.com

We hope to see you there!

Link to Map


What is it?

The objective for the Boston Cocoon Users Group is to provide a forum for end-users and technologists to learn about Apache Cocoon. We plan on holding monthly meetings in the Boston area. The meetings will allow participants to do the following:


All meetings will be held at MIT in Cambridge, MA, E51-372 The building is located at 60 Memorial Drive, with an entrance at the corner of Wadsworth & Amherst Streets. This is a short distance from the Kendall T.

Past Events

9 December 2004 6:00 - 7:30 Print on Demand Solutions -- Gregor Rothfuss

There will be a dinner afterwards.

13 January 2005 Cocoon Best Practices -- Jean Pierre Lejacq

10 February 2005 Application-Building in Cocoon -- Eric Meyer

11 May 2005 Apache Cocoon Social -- Fire & Ice, 50 Church Street, Cambridge


If you are interested in the Boston Cocoon & Lenya User Group, then add your name here, and also sign up on our new meetup page. As a meetup member, you will be notified of upcoming events.


The notes are available at CocoonUserGroupBostonNotes

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