Half the fun of Cocoon is it seems to attract dynamic, creative, intelligent, fun individuals . . . all of whom live in Western Europe.

Come on, SoCal Cocooners, come join us to share your stories, experiences and ideas about this software for the thinking woman or man. After two successful meetings, we've establishing a fixed date, the second Thursday of each month, at the Westwood Brewing company. There are appetizers, excellent beers (or soft drinks), and a convivial atmosphere.

Next Meeting

May 13th at 7:00PM, at the Westwood Brewing Co. Ask for the "Cocoon" party. Find the map here.

The address: Westwood Brewing Company: 310-209-2739 1097 Glendon Avenue Westwood, CA 90024, US

''New'' Mailing List

Join our mailing list. Now we can kibbitz 24 hours a day about regional Cocoon issues. Seriously, we may only use this for meeting announcements or solicitations . . . we'll see.

Some Attendees

Previous Meetings

April 8th at 7:00PM, at the Westwood Brewing Co.

Our ranks are growing; they've doubled since the first meeting. After a welcome and toast "to Cocooners", we began to share our backgrounds and experiences with Cocoon. We talked about Content Management Systems, comparisons with Perl, the best way to write databse applications, PHP, Struts, about PHPoon, email flirting, Apache, and more.

January 17th

At 11:00AM, at strange, but conveniently-located ING Direct Cafe, in West Los Angeles. (They have Peet's coffee, iMacs with free internet access, and several financial instruments to choose from.) They validate parking in that building; the entrance is on Santa Monica Bl. mailto:gweinger@itmedicine.net

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