What it is

Informal meetings (dinners) of people working with Cocoon.

Who can participate

Cocoon users, developers and interested people. You don't need to be part of an elite group ;-)

Next !GetTogether - March 15th, 2004

we planned to do meetings on a regular basis. As participants are from all over Switzerland we decided to meet again in Bern. We are not sure which restaurant to choose next, but Fernando knows some.

OK. So Indian it is. The restaurant is Maharaja Palace, and the address is Effingerstrasse 4.

Last !GetTogether - January 26th, 2004

MichaelGerzabek is coordinating (thanks!) and says: according to your responses and since I got no more feedback for more than one day I arranged a desk at

(Michael) CUS meeting in Bern was a great pleasure. All persons that have been present are indicated with a +. Sylvain also brought a colleague of himself, so altogether we were 9 persons.

One interesting point this evening was to realize that more and more applications are build on cocoon. So the evolution from a publishing framework to a full featured EAI framework is going faster and faster :) Maybe it could be interesting to prepare a list of WHO is building enterprise integrated applications with cocoon.

Last !GetTogether

Tuesday 11th, November: Zurich, Berne or Lausanne? indicate your preference.

As of Monday evening, there are 5 Zurich and 3 Bern.

Suggested time and place: 6PM, meeting point of the main train station (Zurich HB).

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