This is a for-discussion-and-revision document, not a statement of fact. So, please jump in, discuss, revise, and thoroughly refactor :)

The page layout is intentionally rough to encourage perfectionists to contribute ;)

First let's express the needs from the standpoint of various people:

Form Definition Designer (i.e. the one on the 'cubist' spot, looking at it from all viewpoints, needing to supporting hooks to enable the needs of the others.) He does seem to have an own agenda for that:

User (What does the end user care about?)

Visual/HTML Designer (How do we implement this, and how do we make it look the way we want?)

Binding Programmer (How do we interface with the data sources and data sinks?)

Form Logic/Event Handler Programmer

Things to check before we are finished:

Now let's toss out some more ideas to refine:

Other Random Thoughts:

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