To disable the persistent store

Note: This article apply for Cocoon versions 2.1.4 and below

(1) Stop your servlet container (Jetty, Tomcat, etc.)

(2) Remove or comment out the following lines from cocoon.xconf:

<persistent-store logger="">
  <parameter name="use-cache-directory" value="true"/>
  <parameter name="order" value="2701"/>

3) make sure your transient store has the use-persistent-cache set to false:

 <transient-store logger="">
   <parameter name="maxobjects" value="1000"/>
   <parameter name="use-persistent-cache" value="false"/>

(4) Delete the servlet container's work directory (be careful). For Tomcat with Lenya default settings this directory is: tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/lenya

(5) Restart your servlet container.

Why i need to remove it?

With persistent store enabled you may experience some really weird intermittent problems like:

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