In light of this thread on cocoon-docs, I decided to look into reorganizing the current doc structure. Following is a proposed TOC which I managed to make on my own. -- TonyCollen.

There is also the proposed TOC which is also gives some good ideas as to how the docs could be organized.

This page will be the current workspace for organizing the documentation.

An alternative, somewhat similar, documentation outline is given in the [CocoonBlueBook].

The Cocoon Manual

(c) 1999-2003 Apache Software Foundation

Table of Contents


Getting Started

Component Reference

This section will not have any "How-To" or Tutorial type material; it must be 100% reference material. How the components work (quickly explained) and any configuration parameters they might need. We also need to take into consideration how we want Blocks to be documented. -- TonyCollen

Debugging Cocoon

Extending Cocoon

How-Tos / Tutorials

Any articles (Such as the current WebServiceProxyGenerator docs) regarding how to accomplish a specific task will be put here. No reference material here!! There is lots of material in the current docs under "User Guide", as well as "Dev Guide", "FAQs" and "Tutorials" that can all be consolidated under this section. -- TonyCollen



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