Building eXist as a Cocoon2.1 Block With its support for the XQuery language and snappy performance, the eXist XML:DB database server is quite attractive to existing Cocoon projects considering the advantages of a database backend. Indeed eXist is distributed as a Cocoon project, and instructions are EXistInCocoon on this wiki explaining how to add eXist to a project that is already in full flight.

To my mind, though, both of these approaches force the developer to mingle two projects in just the sort of way that Cocoon's block architecture hoped to help avoid. In Cocoon2.1.4 Xindice, after all, has its own block that provides the XMLDB service and illustrates its use. Why shouldn't eXist?

I'll add more soon, but long-story-short a first cut is available at

and brief discriptions and how-tos for v 0.1 are at


-- BruceRobertson

Attached in an updated build.bat that should work. Brings it in line with the build.bat

-- Ian

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