The Flow Object Model

Important Note: for the official FOM API as supported in Cocoon 2.1, look at the documentation over here

The Flow Object Model contains following objects:

Additionally to the FOM Flow Legacy Support for actions and input modules which are not part of the FOM is supported.

This set of documents is based on a discussion at the cocoon-dev maillist triggered by an RT of Stefanomazzocchi and Ricardo Rocha, and on the excellent Flow work commenced by Christopher Oliver and Ovidiu Predescu.

These documents summarize the current status and should be considered as a working document. So as the discussion goes ahead, please update the pages to reflect the results.

Note: I'm aware of the IDL documentation within the CVS repository but I think it is easier to maintain working documents at Wiki! (especially for non-commiters ;-)

summarized by: Reinhard Pötz

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