When ?

Monday, December 9th, at 7 o'clock pm; if you have time to spare on Monday or Tuesday, check out the FrankfurtSideEvents, initiated by Gianugo !

Where ?

At the Dominicus-Keller in Frankfurt, a pub/restaurant in an underground vault. The location is quite central in Frankfurt, next to the river Main and close to the train station Frankfurt/Konstablerwache and therefore well-connected - here is the address:

{{{Dominicus Keller\\ Brückhofstrasse 1\\ 60311 Frankfurt am Main}}}

If you are travelling by car, you probably won't easily find a parking lot nearby, so head to the parking garage at Walther-Kolb-Strasse which is about 500 metres away, on the other side of the river Main; a closer parking garage next to the Frankfurter Römer is at Domstrasse (about 300 metres away), but it is a bit hidden and harder to find; I don't know whether both these are opened all night, so keep an eye open. My favourite parking garage (5€ per night, open all night) is at Börsenstrasse, but is roughly 1.5 km away.

If you are travelling by public transport, head to Frankfurt/Konstablerwache; check out the Deutsche Bahn for planning your route in this case. When you have left the underground train station, head down Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse (the big street) towards the river Main for about 500 metres, the Brückhofstrasse will then be a small street on the left, before the bridge.

Instead of confusing everyone, I recommend using Map24 for working out/checking a travelling route and/or visualizing the locations, no matter whether you are travelling by car or public transport. A nice feature of Map24 is the visualization of parking garages and train stations on the map. In case you need additional infos, feel free to email me at mailto:mhartle@hartle-klug.com.

Who ?

Regarding the guests, the list has grown considerably compared to the last Stammtisch - currently it looks like Keiron Liddle (FOP developer), Zoltan Celedes, Ulrich Mayring, Nicola Ken Barozzi, Gianugo Rabellino, Volker Schmitt, Jürgen Seitz, Steven Noels, Andrew Savory, David Casal, Marcus Crafter, Michael Melhem, Wolfram Eisert, Christian Haul, Mariano Kamp, Philipp Schmidt, Torsten Curdt, Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler and Andreas Fuchs plus myself are probably going to visit, making it 21 people I got confirmed by name, plus some others Marcus mentioned. We have got a reservation for 25-30 people, so I guess we should be on the safe side.

I hope to see you all next Monday at Frankfurt ! :-)

/Michael Hartle

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