Talk by Christian Haul at the 2003 GetTogether: Integrating Databases with Cocoon

Raw notes taken collaboratively during the talk.

Christian Haul discusses connection relational databases to Cocoon

He's mostly involved with ESQL and database actions in Cocoon

Ways to access databases in Cocoon

You can write JDBC code directly from your own components, or use Avalon connection Pools, (copy your DB driver to WEB-INF/lib, Set up a datasource in your cocoon.xconf) for access to Datasources for J2EE, Oracle, Informix, etc.

Incompatible API changes in JDBC between V2 and V3 - causes problems if one mixes versions. 2.1 reduces connection problems

Checking connections

Example tables

Examples will be based on users, users_groups and groups tables with simple relations. Similar to the samples included with the Cocoon distribution.

Using JDBC directly

Explains Java scenario to access JDBC data sources in Cocoon - gives you complete control but you do not leverage the framerwork.


Good summary + advices slides on ESQL, keepers!

Chris recommends using ESQL for reading data only, don't do updates.

Caveat about ESQL page size, compile limit of 64 K Java class

SQL Transformer

Database Actions

Object Relational Bridges

Make sure to have a look at Chris's summary pages on the various technologies (summary + advice), they're real good!

We should talk Christian into writing a summary of his presentation for our docs. A good summary of the various DB access technologies would be great (or is there one already).

Audience Questions

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