David Nuscheler on JSR 170

JSR 170 - Content Repository for JavaTM technology API

David is from Day software


Problem: over 800 CMS vendors, currently each with their own Solution: API. JSR 170 aims to standardize access to content repositories.

JSR 170 is an API, compared to WebDAV which is a protocol.

It sits between something like WebDAV and an actual repository.

Even though big players who could have conflicting interests were involved in the design of JSR 170, it seems like the API is clean, well designed and everybody agrees on it.

JSR 170 is entering the community review phase, an Open-Source reference implementation is in the works.

Apache members have access to the JCP "papers" but not committers.

Contains simple query language.

Workflow and lifecycle management (auto archiving etc). are seen as an applications, not as being part of the repository.


Levels of compliance

Similar in concept to the JDBC compliance levels.

Level 1: everything you need for Presentation and Publishing

Basic compliance level for storage (vendors of repositories).

According to David, Level 1 contains everything you need for presentation and publishing.

Level 2: versioning, transactions, locking (a superset of Level 1)


Reference Implementation (proposal inside Slide)

Most of Level 1 (without searching, they will use Lucene for this)

How to move forward?

Slide never made it off the ground. (Stefano : It was 2 seperate one-man-shows ) XIndice does not evolve.

Create a new community for this (in Cocoon?) where people care about this?

Question: What about Lenya? Stefano: IMO Lenya is working slightly the wrong way, mixing back and front end (, ie. mixing User and Editor view)

We should stop at the API.

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