Raw notes taken collaboratively during the talk.

See also Sylvain's weblog.

Stefano on the quest for Cocoon's own Content Management


How to have a Cocoon back-end which writes to a repository, and a front-end which is compatible with ASF architecture (i.e. ideally static pages).

Possible scenario


How does Lenya fit into the picture

Michael Wechner: sees a new (Lenya?) document type made out of main content and annotations. Committers or reviewers would take the annotations and integrate their content into the main content.

This project could be a good way for Lenya to get more attention from the Cocoon community.

Community aspects:

Learning objects

Future thoughts...

A learning object has

Unstructured knowledge base, learning objects connected by their "synapses".

Trail view

A trail is a learning object itself, created by authors.

Higlighting paths through learning objects - need to visit an object from at least two different paths to actually understand it.

This concept can be applied externally to the documents themselves. This is useful because the documents we are making contain little or no meta-data or structure (because we want them to be easy to edit).

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