Michael Wechner: CMS with Cocoon: Lenya

Raw notes taken collaboratively during the talk.


Michael starts with a demo

A !WebLog in Lenya

The Lenya "default publication"

Mentions he doesn't like it very much.

Areas within Lenya

Lenya Publications can be hierarchal, but do not have to be.

Sample Lenya publications

The Weblog, Default, Lenya documentation, OSCOM site and a fifth one are distributed with Lenya.


Lenya Core and Lenya Publications.

Core: authentication, workflow, etc., tries to be as generic as possible, merged with Cocoon during the build process. Michael sees the core as a content management framework.

Users can take an existing publication and modify it for their own use by editing the XSLT and/or CSS.

Open-minded Lenya users could post their publications on a website for reuse by other Lenya developers/users.

Lenya Core

Lenya Publications

Publications implement custom functionality.

One can either adapt an existing publication or create one from scratch.

Like a WAR file, can be downloaded and dropped into a directory.

Lenya finds publications from a properties file.

Letting each publication have its own build process is on the wishlist.

Ant Tasks

Used as much as possible inside Lenya, for example in




Michael is not happy with the current state of the Lenya community.

To bring more people in:


Q & A

Stefano: A lot of people ask him about Lenya. How much work is it to manage Cocoon's documents in Lenya? Using forest as a front end Michael: Pro. Lenya is customizeable to many needs.

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