Talk by Stefano Mazzocchi at the 2003 GetTogether: How I see Cocoon - a visual journey.

Raw notes taken collaboratively during the talk.

Stefano takes the stage

Says he could not come last year because of ApacheCon.

Shows an unusual presentation, in the very good sense, very graphical, mostly photos and short comments.

A written report will not do justice to this talk. You had to be there.

What is Cocoon:



(Stefano shows another diagram)

Flow (Another diagram)

Stefano gives a very clear explanation of Flowscript with Continuations - looks like today might be the Day of the Web Application for many Cocooners ;-)

Diagram 6 shows how the results of a pipeline can be saved as well as being sent (maybe after further processing) to the client.

Sitemap Components

Now we're into 'normal' stuff, explaining generators, transformers, serializers etc...

New for 2.2 will be "pipeline snippets", assembled into "virtual components"

Goes on to describe the current components: Readers, Selectors.

Map:call: call resources, (javascript) functions or continuations.

Redirect to a different URL. Mount a different sitemap (isolating parts of a project, or teams etc.)

Sitemap notation

"Example sitemap" page shows an overview Stefano's notation for the sitemap - it would be good for Cocoon documentation or articles writers to standardize on a notation, this one looks good!

Brings talk to an end, with a famous photo of himself as the "evil fairy"

Audience questions:

(Gianugo on chat) "a huge bloated desktop replacement but with a few nice concepts"

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