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Map of the area

Cocoon GetTogether 2004

This is a list of people planning to attend the upcoming Events.

Please enter yourself if you plan to be an attendee as well. Indicate from where you'll be travelling if you might want to travel with someone else. Please also add a rough estimate on time of arrival and departure.

If there's someone else arriving on Sunday, we might add our names beneath and meet for a beer/dinner on Sunday night.

I'll be in "The Vooruit" ( around 9PM. We'll leave a note on the front door or at the bar if we start shopping around for dinner (or snacks rather, since Ghent doesn't have many real restaurants which still offer à la carte after 10PM)

For those who cater for a steakhouse close to the Vooruit which is open all night:

STENDHAL Schepenenvijverstraat 10 9000 Gent 09 225 21 73

Just walk down to the "South/Zuid" across the water, ask directions for the small red light district - it's in a murky street but they do serve a fine piece of meat over there - and it should be open for late arrivals. The restaurant is well known amongst the night birders in Ghent as well.

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