Impress your boss: Cocoon success stories

Business cases, real world stories about cocoon. His most impressive presentation ever. 11 Cocoon succes stories.

The first slide

The first slide says it all: still skeptical about Cocoon? Those people are not:

Numbers like 50 requests per second continuous average and 2 million page impressions a day were mentioned in these presentations.

The presentation

I count about 9 speakers waiting to take the stage!

Open Source by itself doesn't have sales force. People inside a company can be enthousiastic about open source, but the boss wants a glossy brochure and a fancy pen. This presentation is a sort of sales kit, that you can show your boss.

...all of the "success stories" speakers take the stage. Photo op!

In alphabetical order: Jack Ivers... from Agile partners based in the US. Global 100 health company. Can't give specific information. Presence in most countries around the world, many websites, 2 of which are based on cocoon. Each country needs their own marketing presence i.e. website. Limited expertise, limited budgets.

every web project was one-off engaged jacob neilson who said it was a "jarring experience" to move round the various web sites.

First solution was "Site Builder 1"

Cons: * websites were pretty static * need for dynamic sites. Interwoven uses strange templating language for this * need for 'real' webapplications * no inheritance from the recipes

So then came "Site Builder 2"... and Cocoon. SoC better in Cocoon Multi-channel better (e.g. RSS, web services etc)

Challenges from the client: Client had tried and failed with Cocoon 1 Concerns about performance of xslt Client was open source friendly Interwoven still used for content editing.

In the process of developing a Real Blocks-style framework of pluggable components.

Vision: Replace Interwoven altogether. Cocoon hosts both content editing and delivery

Next up: Bertrand Marketing hat on! Did project for swiss tv network. Existing cms worked well for standard news, but needed multi-channel and multimedia. Fast editing to stay up to date with TV.

Project team: 2 developers, 2 trainees They came to him because of Cocoon!

Next: Arje Hippo. Intranet application for large dutch travel agency. Really heavy traffic. 3000 employees, 300 shops. Need to send breaking news to employees fast.

10,000 documents already, new ones added ~30 per day (~10,000/yr). 25 editors. Every PC auto-boots at 9:00 and displays the homepage (accounts for the heavy traffic). Employees *required* to read the latest news at start of day.

Used squid as a dumb cache in front of cocoon. Caches the complete webpage. Could also be done with mod_cache.

Next: Pierpaolo Lento, MyTV Interactive applications for digital sattelite television MHP Multimedia Home Platform, uses JavaTV API, Java CDC profile Application management based on Cocoon. State management, external contents

Next: Gianugo Rabellino Client: large italian bank 400.000 e-operations. High loads, high spikes. Conversion of the existing infrastructure. Integration of different datasources. Strong digital signatures.

Selling points SoC - some (e.g. XSLT) was even outsourced. RAD: prototype showed ~30% time reduction over competitors M-DEV ready i18n etc...

XML services platform abstracts from datasources by converting everything to XML.

Next: Manfred RZB Group worldwide Management commited to open source, and donating code back to community

Lists similar selling points to the others. Also notes the community itself as a good feature.

Next: Wim van Acker, Schaubroeck client: Public local government, municipalities, public centers for social welfare Used xreporter ( an outerthought/cocoon project ) for a payroll system.

Lastly: Alfred Nathaniel SWX e-services (Swiss Exchange) Ten websites under swiss exchage. He is leading the development team.

Still more: Pier Fumigali The VNUNET experience Key advantage: not a software company, a publishing company with certain requirements.

And: Matthew Langham S und N Client: Vodafone. High load site w/ load balancing, apache front-end.

Again: Gianugo proxy for Andrej Taramina Chaeron personalised letters.

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